Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Random Life of Aveen 2.0

Hey Everyone,

After several weeks of inactivity and inner frustration, I have decided to give my beloved page a fresh start. It sounds like a cliché to call it ''The Random Life of Aveen 2.0'' yet I feel that my life has altered a lot in the past two years since this blog was created - something which should be seen visually through my blog.

When I started blogging, I was a different person. I'd like to see my blog as a reflection of who I am now. A near 19 year old finished secondary school with a lot ahead of her. In 2013 I was 16 and going through a turbulent phase of my life, unsure of who I was or who those surrounding me were either. However, that's all in the past and enough time has passed since.

I'm not entirely sure of the direction I am going with for The Random Life of Aveen. All I know is that I crave change, a fresh start and a new thought process. As you know , I finished the Leaving Cert last week. Since then, I've felt all the stress and worry that weighed heavily on my shoulders for two years rise and evaporate from me. For the first time since I started in 2013, I feel free. This newly found and craved freedom should also be reflected and portrayed here.

I like to think as TRLOA as a new canvas for my musings, thoughts and rambles. I now have the ability to once again think independently and of my own accord. To no longer conform to possessing the same thoughts as my peers for terminal written exams - even if only for a number of weeks - is wonderfully challenging, leaving me in fits of freedom-induced delirium.

 I spotted this notebook while out shopping a couple of weeks ago. I was one exam away from completing the exams. The tantalising scent of summer mixed with freedom was overwhelming. I felt that the quote on the front of the notebook was quite apt for the stage of life I am currently residing in. ''The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live''

I have existed for nearly two years, now my opportunity to live and breathe in fresh oxygen mixed with ideas and inspiring literature beckons so strongly. It would be a waste to not try and scribble down all my musings once more.

During the Leaving Cert in my brief moments of respite, I would scroll through my Instagram feed and always felt motivated by the daily quotes that 'StudyClix' posted. This one in particular struck me. I've always felt that writing was the main hobby that fuelled my senses. I am a writer and always have been. I realise now, writing and scrawling down my thoughts and feelings into the margins of tens of notebooks is what invigorates me. It is the catalyst that sets my soul on fire. I must always write and can never stop. It is finally time to guarantee that I persist in writing. I breathe in words and letters and that is how it has always been.

Have you recently finished exams and felt the overwhelming emotion of freedom rush through your veins? 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen x


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR LEAVING CERT!!! At least it's all over now, this will be the exact same for me next year haha :)) x

    1. Thank you Kate! oh have fun, it's all ahead of you! :) x


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