Sunday, 22 February 2015

''The Water Filled My Lungs, I Screamed So Loud But No One Heard A Thing''

Hey Everyone!

I realised it has been a while since I have written a detailed lifestyle post. The past couple of weeks have been utterly hectic. I had a solid week of Mocks exams, followed by a week of Midterm. I was quite tired, after the exams. It is true to say that having ten exams in five days in incredibly draining.

Overall, I am happy enough with my Mocks. At this precise moment, the week of the Mocks seemed to be a blur of cramming, anxiety and drinking lots of water during the exams. I never knew how quickly three hours and more could pass by! We'll receive our results in the coming weeks, fingers crossed I'm on the right track.

Enough about Mocks! I had an entire week off, an absolutely luxury. My teachers told us our homework was to, 'relax.' which I did. I kept a low-profile during the week, mainly staying at home and watching Game Of Thrones. I finished Season 4 last Friday morning and I still feel devoid of emotion as Season 5 isn't starting until April 13th. I will remain strong.

I also went to Dundrum to a blogger meet up! You can read about it here. The afternoon was fantastic and it was surreal meeting such lovely girls! Squad goals occurred. Apart from the trip to Dundrum, I did little else. The day we received our holidays I was interviewed by The Sunday Times about selfie sticks, it didn't appear in the newspaper but it was a hilarious phone call and interview!

I also received correspondence from some colleges/Universities that I applied to through CAO. I received an email or two, as well as a gorgeous letter from UL (where my brother goes!) I don't really plan on going to UL but it is still an option for me if I want to. All the same, the paper and the embossed logo were just stunning and the letter was so pretty.

Grace and I met up over the week and had an AwkwardSprinkles day. We were too busy chatting and laughing to actually film anything sadly so AwkwardSprinkles won't be returning just yet. I filmed another Letters to the Leaving Cert video, this time about the Mocks. It's a nice little series I think. It documents my last year in secondary school as well as the ups and downs that are an integral part of the year. I don't have as much time to brainstorm for eccentric videos but I like having the series as a way of keeping up YouTube. You can see the latest video here 

Photos from my week

Selfie with some calves. I have no regrets, they were lovely.

Starbucks in Dundrum !

I got bored on Snapchat and send a few random snaps ...


Costa with Grace. Caramel lattes are just beautiful.

Watching Danisnotonfire's latest video about #NicerInternet. Definitely worth a watch.

I decided to clean my desk after the Mocks. 

After much hardship, my desk became extremely tidy again!

So that's about it from me, did you have an enjoyable Midterm? Let me know in the comments below!
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!

Lyrics; Taylor Swift - Clean


  1. omigod the snapchat art and our selfies :')

    1. I am strangely proud of the snapchat art, seeing as I can't draw! The selfies are comical :D

  2. I loved getting those selfies from you Aveen :') Made me have a little giggle. Good job on the cleaning ;)

    1. So sorry for the late comment back, I haven't logged on since! Why thank you :D

  3. Wow, it sounds like you had a busy week with your mocks! I watched the danisnotonfire video too and he made some really good points ☺

    1. It was insane! Have you seen/heard the Internet Takeover show he presented? fantastic to say the least !

  4. Again drawn to your lovely blog by a song reference ^_-, LOVE LOVE LOVED that danisnotonfire video too, (when do I not love a danisnotonfire vid though tbqfh?!) ^_- x

    1. Thank you! Dan Howell is a flawless human being let's be honest here ! :D x

  5. Great post, Aveen! You should definitely do a post on organization, haha. Love that song too! :) xoxo

    1. Thanks for the idea Guilianna! hopefully I'll get enough time to do that soon x


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