Saturday, 10 January 2015

After Christmas Sales Haul

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year, even if you're back in school. This blog post is late and should probably be called January sales haul but ''shur it'll be grand.'' Here are the things I bought over the sales before I went back to school!

Hollister had a 50% off sale and free shipping for orders over 25 euro, so I obviously pounced on it. I got these three t-shirts for 12 euro each. I only got them yesterday (hence the lateness of this post) but they're really light and comfortable, perfect for summer and for winter under a cosy hoodie.

I've been wanting a nice pair of boots for the past couple of months and finally got them! These boots are from Susst and I got them for 30 euros on a half price sale. I should probably explain the sale I went to. A local shop in my town stocks lots of designer clothes eg Superdry, Converse, Vans etc and after Christmas they have a half price sale. It's worse than Black Friday, you have to run to the things you want or else they'll be gone! Down below are some other pieces I got in this sale too.

I got these lovely pair of jeans in another sale too. I loved them so much I also got a pair in black. which I've been wearing constantly! I'm waiting for Spring maybe before I start wearing these, they're so comfy and I got them for 20 euros.

These photos genuinely don't do this top justice! It's a black sequinned top/jumper that I got for 30 euros in another local shop. I haven't worn it yet but it looks so pretty.

I also got this lovely and snug Diesel hoodie for 30 euros down from 60 in the half price sale. I just saw it and tried it on, it fitted perfectly! I love it, especially in this cold weather and I love Diesel hoodies.

I also bought a pair of black suede Converse with a warm, insulating type of material inside. These were 40 euros down from 80, yet again it was in the half price sale. I've been wearing them a lot as they're so incredibly comfy and snug!

Last but certainly not least is... my selfie stick. Okay I couldn't resist. I got it for 20 euros in Tesco but my brother paid half so we share it (imagine two selfie sticks in a house? Scary stuff) Mainly my two year old cousin uses it whenever she sees me! I'm waiting for a random social event in order to use it, it's so easy to use as it connects via Bluetooth.

So these were my purchases! I was really happy with what I bought, did you get any bargains?  If so, let me know in the comments!

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. You got such lovely things. I love the boots you got. They're so pretty! I saw a couple SelfiƩ sticks in hauls, but I still don't know what they do. What does a selfie stick do? (I feel so foolish asking, hahaha!)

    1. Thanks Guilianna! A selfie stick is basically a mono pod (like a tripod) that you hold in your hand and has a place to hold your phone. The stick has Bluetooth and connects to the Bluetooth on my phone. Then I go to the camera on my phone, adjust the stick and on the stick is a button, which you click to take a photo! I was a bit bamboozled at first but they're so easy to use! :D


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