Sunday, 3 August 2014

''I'm With You Every Step Of The Way.. Tomorrow's A New Day. It All Works Out..'''

Hey Everyone!

So I've had a really busy and fun August Bank Holiday so far. It's been a brilliant start to my last month before starting Sixth Year *gulps nervously* I've spent the past couple of days down the town with some friends drinking milkshakes, slushies and feeling both exhilarated and terrified on amusements!

Photo with Grace!

In my town for the August Bank Holiday we always have The Market House Festival which basically means we have the amusements, concerts and lots more fun things for everyone of all ages to attend. On Friday night, myself, Grace and some of our friends went to the amusements and later in the evening, the Fashion Show 'Boutique Boulevard' which was hosted by Brendan Courtney (Who I took a sneaky photo of!) The fashion was lovely and we had a brilliant time. Photo below is of one of the models if you're wondering!

Afterwards we went to the concerts,which is basically the main event and involves lots of loud music which you can literally hear in your heart as it's so loud. The concerts on Friday night were the bands, White Chalk, Corner Boy and one of my favourites, The Riptide Movement! *fangirls* We watched all three of the fabulous acts and in reality they were all fantastic live! Here's a link from a local radio station of part of 'It All Works Out' and you can see how everyone is bopping around having an amazing time!

Selfie with Leah!

With Viv & Leah



Casually having a blue tongue after drinking a slushy

Trying to overcome human head giraffes!

I arrived home later than I intended and as I live near town, could still hear The Riptide Movement performing! It's quite an experience to go asleep and listening to the band! I didn't go to anything on Saturday as the weather was simply atrocious so I stayed at home and watched 'Dirty Dancing' I absolutely adored the film, it's such a lovely classic at this stage.

Today (Sunday) I went down the town again to the amusements with Grace, Vivien and a few others. Viv & I went on the waltzers, however we were the only ones on it (because we're cool) so they kept us on it for longer. At the end I started feeling queasy and could feel stomach acid bubbling up my throat! Lovely. (Don't worry I was fine afterwards)

I also looked at the sheep and goats which were on the Main St (Honestly there was vintage tractors and farm animals) and as I simply love sheep and goats, took some photos. So say hi to my best friends down below! They might 'baa' in response ;)

So that's about it from me, I hope you're all having an amazing bank holiday weekend wherever you all are!
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. AMUSEMENTSSS omigod the photos of the goats and sheep at the end MEHHEHEHEHEHHHHH

    1. AMUSEMENTS! :D The goats & sheep were the highlight of my day js ;)


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