Sunday, 27 April 2014

Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Other Infinities ~ John Green

Hey Everyone!

So it's the end of my two week long Easter holidays. I had a brilliant fortnight just relaxing, going on Tumblr and Netflix and just generally re-charging my batteries. Unfortunately this blog post will be a little brief, mainly due to my inactivity for the past week.

The previous week has pretty much been a blur. I spent a few days outside (a miracle!) with my friends. On Wednesday I went to Penneys/Primark (A haul will be posted on my YouTube soon!) with my Mam to do some shopping for when I'm in the Gaeltacht. Afterwards I went down the town to meet up with my friend Nora. We went to Costa and caught up with how the holidays were going and what not.

Thursday was my friend Caítlín's 17th birthday! The weather was gorgeous so I walked down the town to meet up with everyone. We went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (my second time seeing it, yay) which all of enjoyed as we're Marvel fans. We stayed for the bonus scene at the end of the movie, which left us fangirling as Jennifer Lawrence, affectionately known to us as J-Law was in said scene.

Afterwards we went to one of the local café's to meet up with a couple of more friends. We stayed there, chatting, gossiping and having fun. Soon afterwards we went walking around town and ended up drinking Frappuccino's in Costa. Soon however it was time to depart but it was a really enjoyable day, especially after not seeing everyone in so long.

I also got my hair cut that morning, which you can see below. I got a few inches cut off my hair so it feels a little strange getting used to shorter hair. My cousin was doing my hair, I literally shocked her when she realised that I'm eighteen in September! As I said, with great power comes great responsibility, something I'm not prepared for!

Friday was a relaxing day, after so much socialising you have to relax! I spent the day on Netflix. I've become slightly obsessed with 'American Horror Story' which is scarily addictive (a really bad pun I am sorry) I also bought some new books which I have become obsessed with. I've been buying lots of historical books recently, this time a biography about Michael Collins. We're studying Irish history in history at the moment so it's quite topical in class lately.

I'm also fangirling due to The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack being announced and some songs being released. I'm a huge fan of Kodaline (they're Irish) Birdy, Ed Sheeran and basically every artist on the soundtrack. My 'John Green Book Shrine'' has also been revamped, minus TFIOS, as a friend of mine is borrowing it at the moment.
My Week In Photos
A random still from my Penneys Haul video which will be uploaded soon! (And yes there is a filter on this photograph) 

Pretty flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden

The John Green Book Shrine (minus TFIOS)

Some of the quotations in front of the John Green Book Shrine. 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


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