Saturday, 1 February 2014

''You Don't Get To Choose If You Get Hurt In This World...But You Do Have Some Say In Who Hurts You. I Like My Choices.''

Hey Everyone!

IT'S OFFICIALLY FEBRUARY! *Happy dance* I honestly felt that January was possibly the longest month in existence. It seemed to drag on & on endlessly! At least now it's February so signs of Spring will begin to appear more prominently each day.

This week seemed to fly by! I can't believe I've been back in school for four weeks, it feels as though it's a lot longer. I didn't get as much homework this week thankfully (although some teachers did pile on the homework, but I finished it before the weekend) I have a feeling all my teachers are desperate for Mid-Term (I know I am)

I had an interesting week especially in business, when my teacher told us to write a fairytale about how ''Ireland had lots of money, what happened next?'' As I love writing, I got a little carried away and wrote over 2 A4 pages in small writing, in comparison to half a copy page that everyone else wrote. My teacher actually liked mine, got a copy of it and actually read it to other people (incl my old business teacher) My embarrassment was actually indescribable! (If you're wondering, I wrote a story using childish language (intentionally) about how the IMF put Ireland in the naughty corner..) Yep, *sighs* the things I do..

Today was an interesting day. I started the day on my uncle's farm tagging the calves. If you wondering what tagging is, it's when you put an identification tag in the calves ears (it's standard practice all over Ireland) so the calves history and identity is known if it was sold to another farmer or whatever. As I'm studying Ag Science, I have to do a project on dairy farming so it was an ample time to take photos!

Later on I went to a meeting with the Gaeltacht I'm going to during the summer. As it's my first Summer going, I had to go to an interview to assess my standard of Irish. Overall it went really well. I've been planning this for nearly a year now, it seems strange that it's less than six months away now!

During the week, you may know about The Fault In Our Stars trailer being released. I watched the trailer as soon it was released. It was absolutely amazing! I mean, I cried after watching it (I watched it again before writing this and I started sobbing) but I think the casting is so accurate and brilliant. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing the movie (ahem Ansel Elgort yes) and John Green cast Ansel and Shailene so they must accurately portray both Augustus and Hazel Grace. In honour of the book that destroyed my emotions, this blog post is titled after one of my favourite quotes from the book.

Today is also Harry Styles' birthday. As I have a cardboard cut-out of Harry, I decided to help him celebrate! Photos are down below, and I think Harry loved his tiny cake and candle.. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

With Harry and his cake/candle :)

Tagging calves.. as you do. 

''Are you trying to put the tags in my ear?!'' 

With Harry, HB!

Random selfie after the Gaeltacht meeting 

So that's it from me for now, 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx 


  1. Between the tagging and the birthday cake I can't stop laughing ok

    1. It's even worse when you consider that the birthday cake was my Mam's idea. She heard about Harry's birthday on the radio and went and bought little cakes ..


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