Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Hey Everyone!

So this week my family and I decorated my house for Christmas. We all love Christmas, but it is quite painstaking decorating the house, Mam insists the house is scrubbed from top to bottom before a single decoration is put up, which is always fun!

I got up later than usual, around 10 am and missed badminton (which starts at ten) and just helped clean and decorate for the day. Whilst we were decorating we watched one of my favourite films, The Santa Clause and if you haven't watched it, well... you're missing out on childhood nostalgia! We also watched Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets on tv (Prisoner of Azkaban is on tv next week and so forth, excited!)

So here's some photos of my house at Christmas!
PS. My brother was born in December, try guess what his name is... (hint is in some of the photos) It's quite evident which child is the favourite ! ;)

A decoration on the tree..

A decoration on my brother's door..


A Starbucks Mug my brother brought home for me!

A tea light holder I have from Penneys

Fairy lights and a derpy Cara face in the background

I kind of love fairy lights in my room...


A decoration I made in First Year (FOUR YEARS AGO, I FEEL OLD)

A decoration an aunt of mine gave me when I was younger as it apparently reminded her of me, aww!

A bauble!

The Angel on the tree

It's the final countdown.. 

Another Noel sign!  

Ho ho ho !

Decoration on one of the doors..

ANOTHER Noel card, literally cannot escape the word at Christmas..


Love these! 

A decoration in my room!

I hope you all enjoyed looking at my house at Christmas, I know we all had lots of fun decorating the house for Christmas!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen x x


  1. Wow! Your house looks amazing with all the decorations! My mum also makes us clean every inch of the house before a decoration can be taken out of a box, although this year I was out so my mum, dad and brother did it together and I arrived back just in time for decorating ;)

    1. Ah thank you! :) Cleaning the house can be a nightmare! It's scary how much dirt and dust accumulates ! That's brilliant timing, decorating is the best :D


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