Saturday, 9 November 2013

Touchdown To Reality, It's Not Exactly What You Had In Mind...

Hey Everyone!

*Lyrics from Kodaline ~ Perfect World

Sorry for not posting my usual weekly update last week. I genuinely don’t have any excuses for my absence. I had the entire week off from school, yes, I did have lots of homework and study, however, I had most of it finished by the weekend.

So this week is about the past two weeks, an unusual occurrence. This week I didn’t feel that well. My physical health was the usual. I just feel very run down and tired lately. I can’t quite put my finger on what was wrong with me this week, but there was something.  I felt like writing a lot this week also, however, due to time constraints of homework and study I couldn’t. It really annoyed me as I thought I needed to express something, which I felt, but on the other hand, wondered if the something was a figment of dwindling imagination in an over tired and stressed brain and mind.

My Halloween went well, I had a really good night. I casually dressed in a cow onesie, mainly because it was so snug and warm. During Mid Term break week I also went to the cinema with my friend Tara. We went to the school to get books for study and then walked to the cinema. We went to see ‘’Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’’ which was actually brilliant and released my inner child. While we were leaving the cinema, we spotted a Catching Fire poster and posed beside them!

The photograph was also before I got my hair cut, so it’s a good bit longer than it is now. Around 2/3 inches of my hair was cut off, which is a lot for me, seeing as my hair length is always hovering around or past my shoulders.

Monday, I went back to school. Which is always fun when you had been awake since 3 am that morning and only got four hours sleep.  I was outside the room of my next class and was talking to a friend of mine walking past and I was whinging that I only got 4 hours sleep and had been up since 3 am. Little did I know, an old teacher of mine (who had taught me for four years) was behind my friend and he said asked me why I only got 4 hours sleep and what was I doing up at 3am? Awkward does not describe it!

Thankfully I got more sleep during the week, however right now it’s around 8pm on Saturday and I want to go asleep. I’m just so incredibly tired! On the bright side, I finished most of my homework earlier so I can go asleep with a clear conscience. 

You might also be wondering what is the meaning behind the title of this blog post! I was originally planning on calling it ''What's A Parabola?'' because in maths we were learning about parabola's (a quadratic equation on a graph if you're wondering) but the teacher didn't have quite enough time to explain the term. So I left the class saying ''What's a parabola?'' The word seemed just too funny to me. I chose this lyric because the song is really describing what's on my mind lately. 

My friend Grace of DaintySprinkles made meme's of the video we recorded about school. Here are some of the few which can be shown in public.. ;)

Thanks Grace! :D 

Finished this AMAZING book on Thursday night. I read the first three books very much in succession and adored them!

Something I bought in Penneys and put on top of my mirror in my room, I love it!

My Halloween nails! First time I've painted my nails in actual years! 

My brother came home from university with two posters for me, this is one of them!

The other poster is filled with Doctor Who quotes and I just love it, thank you! 


I am not even sorry.. 

So that's about it from me this week, just giving you all notice, I've Christmas exams around December 2nd so my blogging might be less frequent however I'll try my best to keep up blogging as I love it. 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx

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  1. Your memes are hilarious!
    And damn, you're ahead of me in The Mortal Instruments :( I'm still on City of Glass
    Love your nails and cow onesie!
    Did you see you were one of my favourites on my blog?

    1. There were many, many, MANY, more meme's, some which are not appropriate for my blog! Yeah I saw that, thank you! x I have you as one of the ''Amazing People'' I need to update it though, it won't show photos on it, only links! Oops :) xx


    1. Oh I know.. and in the worst way possible. I think we should burn the ones related to school *hint hint* :D


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