Friday, 15 March 2013

A Random Blog Post! (YAY!)

Hey Everyone, 

I hate to be waffling on about life all the time, but, it's going by so fast. Too fast nearly. It's the 15th of March. I'm going to London on the 23rd, I remember wondering would the trip ever happen, it felt so long away. 

I guess, most years, I never noticed how fast the time went by, especially last year, with my Junior Cert and everything. This year we do a different type of work. I have matured a lot this year, I don't think I would have been prepared for Fifth Year if I skipped Transition Year. I've also made so many memories this year, Gaisce, Project Smilier, hanging out at our bench, meeting new people, Galway, getting quoted by NUI Maynooth at the awards ceremony and so many more amazing and beautiful memories. 

I recently handed in my Leaving Cert subject choice form. Last year I wrote down a list of subjects I would have studied if I skipped TY. The lists were so different. I'm studying business not economics, Ag science instead of religion and a few other changes. I thought I would become a home economics teacher, I'm not even studying home ec for Leaving Cert now. 

It's at times like this that the passage of time frightens me. My brother is on teaching practice (TP) in a local secondary school as the tech graph/metal work teacher. It feels like just yesterday that Mam and I were talking to Ms Byrne about his Leaving Cert results. The wasps everywhere and the sun beaming down on all the happy students with bright futures ahead of them.

Oh, and another thing. I have a YouTube channel. I'll post the link once I get my videos up and running. I've a really good idea in the pipeline and I've already recorded a few videos, I just need to edit and upload them. It should be fun! 

Hope you are all doing well, 

Lots of Love, 
Aveen :)

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