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'How The Environment Aids The Learning Behaviour Of College Students ~ Guest Post

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As I'm still away, here is another guest post. I found this post by Nikki to be quite interesting, especially as I'll be going to college in a year and a bit. Definitely worth a read and thanks again to Nikki for writing the article! ~ Aveen x

"How The Environment Aids The Learning Behavior Of College Students?”
It is important and even imperative that Canadian students have the right kind of environment which nourishes and reinforces safe, positive and reliable learning. It is not only necessary for the students to well accommodative, well behaved and receptive to learning, but equally, or even more important that the teaching faculty and educators make best use of their time and efforts to enforce a creative, positive and healthy environment for learning.
Creative a positive and healthy environment for learning:
This could indeed be done by embracing new and student-focussed technology and its impacts that could offer maximum support and learning aids to all kinds of students. It is indeed important that children, especially smaller ones, are taught the right kind of values and disciplines that not only endure throughout their lives but also offer maximum worth and academic value. The inculcation of the right kind of values does go a long way in terms of creating excellent environment for positive and healthy learning conduct
 Dwell on the positive and improve the learning attitudes
It is important for educators to focus on the positives of learning conduct for students. While it is not always necessary to condone mistakes and faults, especially if they threaten to become habits, it needs to be done the right way.
Students must learn from their own experiences, rather than have discipline and authority imposed on them. Imposing obedience does not serve any useful purpose, on the contrary, it only serves to exacerbate an already bad interpersonal situation.
Tact and diplomacy create better environmental good rather than rule of laws:  For offering unique and pleasant academic environment it is necessary that tact and discretionary steps are profusely used, and conflict zones are reduced, or avoided. Instead of bluntly and point blankedly stating that he or she is wrong, it would be better to state that although he, or she is on the right track, the answer needs to be more narrowly or more broadly specific. This utterance would not only be face saving but could also earn the gratitude of the student of not being publicly pulled up in class.
An objective, professional and purposeful method is always useful:
Often, coming to terms with academics could be both stressful and wearing for both educators and the educated. A professional approach and attitude could indeed work wonders, since this saves emotions from both sides- academic facilitator and the facilitated. This could remove much of the outbursts and unprofessional aspects of academic business and instill academic rigor, discipline, objectivity and restraint into it. Most of all it could inculcate and endorse healthy, hazard free and harmonious environmental interactions between educators and subjects for overall good. The environment should be such that facilitates quality teaching and educating, devoid of stress and strain, feeling that educating  is a burden or a task, and students also need to turn themselves into eager,  dedicated and obedient  receptacles of learning and knowledge.
While teachers are indeed reservoirs of wisdom, learning and ideas, self generated or otherwise, students are the receptacles and receivers of such wisdom that needs to enrich and flourish their academics and prospective careers.

Just as the soil needs to be fertilized and enriched before sowing, in much the same way, the right kind of pleasant, congenial and stress free environment needs to be prepared for propagating and promoting education and educative activities. Both students and teachers have major responsibilities in ensuring that the environment must foster and nourish the academic experience and both needs to gain from it.
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