Saturday, 12 April 2014

OOTD ~ Easter Holidays!

Hey Everyone!

Despite blogging for more than a year, I'm still not quite sure what 'type' of blogger I am. I mainly post lifestyle blog posts however, in the past few months I've developed an interest in fashion and beauty. At the moment I'm experimenting with my blog to see what suits me the best.

Personally I believe that we should all post different things to our ''usual posts''  at some stage, life is boring when you only post the exact same things! I've discovered that I love taking photos and using my tripod 'FredOrGeorge' which I get to use more often when doing different types of blog posts.

I will be posting more frequently over the next fortnight as I have Easter holidays at the moment! Two weeks of bliss to be honest which I have been craving. The idea of having two weeks of my own time is nearly a foreign concept for me, it's felt like so long since I've had that amount of time to myself, tragic really.

So here's my OOTD, this is what I would describe as a comfortable outfit. It's an outfit that I feel is really comfy and I feel so snug in my hoodie and with my hat (the weather earlier today was horrible)

I was extremely brave (by my standards) and went outside into the back garden to take photos, even with the new neighbours slamming their garage door practically every fifteen minutes.. (They moved in yesterday and I don't like them already oops)

Top/hoody: Roxy
Jeans: Penneys/Primark
Converse: Local shop 
Hat: Penneys/Primark

The sun went in, oops.

Behind the wall is the infamous garage that gets slammed closed every 15 minutes..

Spring weather in Ireland

Spring weather

Selfie with Harry (He's in nearly every selfie these days)

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!

PS. I will be posting a lifestyle post sometime over the weekend, I have lots of other ideas for during the next two weeks so stay tuned! x


  1. I love your hat so much :O STOP BEING SO DAMN PRETTY

    1. Aw thank you! Whenever a little cousin of mine is at my house she steals it and wears it! Hahahaha, I am not pretty at all, look in the mirror at yourself and you'll see someone who really is pretty :D xx


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