Sunday, 2 March 2014

I’ll Be Waiting, Waiting On A Brand New Day..

Hey Everyone!

Lyrics: Brand New Day ~ Kodaline
So it was my first week back from Mid-Term this week, something I only realised on Saturday, oops. I had an interesting week this week, it was a total and utter blur! One minute I was yawning on Sunday night, the next minute I was leaving Ag Science at 3.15 pm on Friday with little homework or study to do.

The teachers were okay this week, due to having so much homework and study (It's astronomical in comparison to the work I did in second and third year, to all 2nd/3rd Years, you have no idea how easy you have it, honestly!) So if I even do socialise, it's now on the weekends.

Mid-Week however, my vision of the world changed dramatically, quite literally! I got new glasses! Unfortunately, my eyesight has worsened so I have literally awful eyesight (to put it into context, I'm looking at this screen from literally 30cm away and I can't read it, all I can see is a few black blurs) I got my new pair and also a new pair of sunglasses after school on Tuesday.

Once I tried them on, I literally got the biggest shock ever. My previous pair of glasses were quite weak (as my eyesight had worsened since I'd first gotten them) so these new pairs were literally the world in high definition! I've posted some photos below of my new glasses, bear in mind, they're VERY different from my old glasses, it took me a few days to get used to them. My sunglasses are similar but even larger which did startle me as I had double vision when I tried them on! (They're fine now though)

I went to my Irish club on Friday night and had a great time with my friends there (even though only less than half the club was there) We played card games like Spit which was utterly hilarious (I'd never played it before and it was explained in Irish, you can probably see where this is going) but I understood it and had great fun. I'm also doing something with my Irish club next Saturday so my blog post next week won't be up until at least Sunday! Watch this space ;)

On Saturday, I accidentally slept in until 10.30 am  (badminton starts at 10 am) so I missed badminton and stayed at home, eating breakfast and watching The Walking Dead. My brother was home from University and as he won't be here for Pancake Tuesday, Mam decided we should have pancakes on Saturday! We ate what felt like dozens of pancakes (It was like 4)

Afterwards my brother and I went to the nearest shop (Sounds like Tesco) and I bought a magazine because a photo of Dan Howell was in it! We also bought the DVD of Thor which I watched when we got home. Tom Hiddleston *swoons*

I went babysitting later on and finished my English homework about Wuthering Heights and also my maths homework (which I finished today, oops)

Overall, I had a fast-paced week, however it was quite interesting. I really needed to recharge my batteries over Mid-Term which I did, so I'm back at full speed because the next two years of my life are a marathon, not a sprint as I've told myself constantly for the past year or so.

Photos from my week!

Saturday afternoon: Watching Thor and reading magazines..

DAN HOWELL <3 his="" in="" is="" my="" nbsp="" now="" on="" p="" room="" wall="">

Selfies from today where I experimented with another ''collar and jumper'' outfit!

My brother now calls me a hipster because of my glasses

A blurry photo of my new glasses

My collar and jumper

See you all next week! 
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

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