Saturday, 7 December 2013

So Don't Grow Old, Forgetting Who You Are, A Simple Goal Could Get You Very Far.

Hey Everyone!

Lyric: Heroes or Ghosts ~ The Coronas

Another long, tedious week has passed in The Life Of Me. I had exams as I probably have mentioned on various websites, but they're over now thankfully. As I'm in 5 th Year, I got my test results back from some of my exams very quickly as we're somewhat of a priority for teachers (after 6th and 3rd Years of course)

I did get back some results and I'm delighted with my results so far (I know it's only Christmas exams but I wanted to make a good impression with my teachers) I've even gotten a couple of A's and a B which I'm quite happy about seeing as I worked my ass off for the past few months.

The exams lasted until Wednesday so on Thursday and Friday I had normal classes, even though I had no motivation or energy left to do anything but lie on my bed and listen to Birdy. However things brightened up on Friday  as we had a no uniform day in school (we're only allowed one a year) and also on Friday night  as I went out to a local Chinese restaurant with my Irish club (wearing my Christmas jumper of course)

If you're wondering, Irish isn't the common language spoken in Ireland, English is. However we study Irish in school and have exams in Irish along with every other subject (which is not fun) and I go to a weekly club where we all speak Irish and play games and whatnot. It's brilliant in improving your Irish and I've seen my grade in Irish increase constantly because my level of understanding in Irish has increased tenfold.

To celebrate Christmas and the last club meeting of the year (starts back next year yay) we all went to the Chinese and spoke only Irish to each other! Obviously when we ordered we spoke in English as nobody had a clue what we were saying. I was sitting with my friends Maeve, Shannon, Mary, Emily and Aoileann. We had a brilliant night and believe it or not, it's quite easy speaking Irish to your friends all night (even when you're talking about the cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles your Mam bought you for Christmas, SPOILERS)

At the end of the night the Cinnire (leaders of the club) announced it was the end of the night and thanked us all for coming and we'd all be back in the new year. She also said that there were little prizes for the best boy and girl in the club, and I got some sweets for being the best girl in the club which is quite random thing to be given sweets for, but I always appreciate the little things. I was given a Christmas box of sweets which look DELECTABLE. Thanks Spleodar!

Speaking of delectable, I texted into my favourite radio show I listen to every morning called Breakfast With Hector and the text was for The Mam of The Year awards and I entered my Mam (cos I'm such a lovely child) Hector read out the text and I was like fangirling so much. Mam didn't win but I was delighted to have my text read out (with my name pronounced right, thanks Hector!) A girl in my year even mentioned it to me in school that she had heard my name being mentioned!

Photos From My Week!
Emily and I on Friday :) 

Shannon and I (spot my Christmas jumper!)

Maeve and I 

Awkward hugs with Shannon!

A random photo!

Happy Christmas in Irish!

Cheers Spleodar!

My lovely brother found this in the attic and told me that it is my spirit animal as we both have the same face, lovely!
So that's about it from me this week, I'm also going to be part of Jane's Christmas Blogger series so I'll be posting tomorrow about that, along with a blog post about decorating my house for Christmas!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx




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