Monday, 18 July 2016

My Thoughts On Blogging in 2016.

'What are you even doing?'

Those were the words I asked myself, peering through my collection of published and unpublished blog posts. It was quite the shock to realise that my latest blog post was from the 28th of June. Despite making a commitment to myself to continue blogging on a more frequent basis throughout the summer, I am clearly not coming through on this.

This leads me up to the question of what am I even doing with my time. Truth be told, it's quite the valid question. It also made me realise that my own position on blogging has changed. For several months, I began to prioritise other activities above blogging.  I feel at odds with the current blogging world. An outsider to the new culture of PR events, sponsored posts and parties.

Upon my start in the blogging world back in 2013, blogging was simply a hobby. I used blogging as a way to improve my writing skills, technology skills and as a way to make friends with like-minded people. Blogging was for fun. I feel in a way, that this environment has disappeared. The blogging world has become more of a competition, who has the most followers, the most page views, the most party invitations.. In essence, it's a competition of who has the most of everything.

Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure if I want to partake in such an environment. I've adored blogging for many years. Yet I feel the concept of blogging is slightly tainted in light of this new development of the blogging world. I always blogged about ideas and concepts that set my soul on fire, or posted about my own musings and thoughts, rather than what is sent to me by companies.

I do not want this to change, but I feel that I'm at odds with this new blogging environment. The blog posts that I craft for several hours, days and even weeks at a time. simply don't cut the mustard in comparison to heavily sponsored blog posts quickly whipped up and posted. It can be disheartening to say the least. I feel that the posts crafted filled with substance, emotions and simply breathtaking photography or writing styles can often be discarded for posts lacking these qualities.

The change in the blogging atmosphere has led to some changes in my own perceptions of blogging. In particular, how it contributes to my own identity. For many years, I classified myself as a 'student and blogger' yet now, I feel that it's become more of a 'full-time student and part-time blogger.' One of my hobbies is now considered a full-time job by many - which I find mind boggling.

I still want to continue blogging, please don't think I'm quitting! I just found over the past few months that it's quite difficult to continue blogging about my usual content in the midst of endless sponsored posts across the blogging world. Yet, I think it would be horrid shame to discontinue my usual content to simply fit the mould of a' regular' blogger.

It has taken some time, yet I have decided I shouldn't feel compelled to post things, 'just because other bloggers are doing it' I want to try and maintain my own content and blog about what I feel is interesting and what others think are interesting to read.

From now, normal blog posting will resume,

Aveen x

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